Healing Presence

Healing through presence and touch

Lover, Healer, Human

Based in Berlin.

Potentially available worldwide.

I'm Marius!

Let me guide and accompany you on a journey to explore or rediscover your body, your sexuality and your authentic self. I can listen to your voice as well as your body.I am a bodyworker on the path to reclaim my own body, dissolve my own blockages and to liberate myself from past trauma, abuse and simply not knowing any better. I want to pass on what has helped me and support you in doing the same.I am interested in what really moves you and want to help you get moving.

My offerings:

Armour Lifting Bodywork

Getting back into the flow and releasing blockages through Armour Lifting Bodywork.

Sexual Healing Session

We will open a safe sexual space for you and your individual needs and topics. I will serve you, witness you and support you in your healing.

Tantric Pleasure Journey

Letting go. Release. Relaxation. Pleasure. Opening Up.
Time with me is a gift to yourself.
This may be a classical Tantra Massage or a very individual Pleasure Journey tailored to your wishes and desires.

Hatha / Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

I am also trained as a Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher. I offer private, as well as group Yoga Theory and Asana Classes.

Couple Coaching

I can support you in person or online with communication issues or desires like opening your relationship. You can also invite me for more hands on coaching on how to improve your sexual relationship.

Want to work with me in a different way?
Just contact me and let me know what you have in mind.

Contact me

If you wish to have a session with me, please fill out the form and introduce yourself shortly.Here are some inspirations for further writing:
What kind of session are you interested in?
Where and when do you want the session to take place?
Do you have previous experience?
What are your intentions?

Who I am?

Hi, I am Marius!My passion in life right now is sexuality, bodies, cuddles, intimacy and dance. Boundaries and Consent. Healing and liberation. I want to find out what I truly am and be fully authentic. But also food.It hasn’t always been that way, except for the food!Somewhere in 2019, as I was sitting and working in front of the computer as always, I realised that I was on a path to emotional and physical burnout. Maybe already in free fall. After just 4 years of working!I think I might have been depressed since my early teens, hiding, supressing my needs, my urges, my sexuality, my opinions. Neglecting my body or being too demanding towards my body. Working full time in a company amplified all of these problems for me. I still feel it sometimes.I slammed the brakes and took some time off work. Started a meditation and yoga practice on my own. It dawned on me that there is a lot of shit to deal with after I spontaneously attended a lingam (penis) healing ritual with 30 other men just after christmas that year.From there I slowly ventured into what I would call the tantric scene in Berlin, attending a wide variety of events from breathwork to cuddle workshops and sex-positive spaces.It further dawned on me that there is an incredible amount of knowledge or experience that I do not have, was never taught or that is generally just not very available.I realised I had a lot of numbness in my body, in my emotions.I learned about boundaries and how easy it is to overstep them by not knowing and communicating my own and by not being told or asking about the boundaries of others.I learned how strongly my nervous system is affected by physical touch or the lack thereof.I affirmed that there was always something off about the sex I had in my life beforehand and experienced that sex can be a very emotional, energetic, pleasurable and energising. Also, of course, still frustrating and numb.I then found a teacher who was offering a program he developed called Armour Lifting bodywork.Here I experienced my energetic body and how it can be influenced by someone else or how I can influence their energetic system. Giving and receiving whole body energy orgasms without or barely any touch, that do not quite compare to anything I had experienced before. I also learned the entire process of Armour Lifting Bodywork.Later I attended a very intense shamanic initiation, an experience that can barely be put into words. I learned more about what it means to be human there. I think. I also think some really dark things were happening during the 2 week long ceremony that created some long lasting issues in my system, which I only realised a few years later in 2023.In 2023 I finally decided to certify myself as a Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher in India after practising on and off for 12 years.In all of this I learned about the wheel of consent, about Stockholm syndrome and authentic relating. Nonviolent communication, radical honesty and emotional release tools. The list goes on. A bottomless pit of useful tools, concepts and knowledge, which doesn’t get taught in school, at least not in mine! I am far from perfect in using or fully grasping all of them, yet all of them help me and my work.In most of my adult life, even before this massive shift, I have also lived in open relationships or alternatively I would say, related openly. Some call it polyamory. I definitely learned a lot about how to live this way and how to do it right and how to do it badly or even terribly.I also related with several victims of sexual abuse in different forms, which often put me in a painful and helpless situation as a partner or lover, wondering if and what I can do to help them overcome their problems or how I and us as a couple can live with and work with the effects it has on our sexlife. Over time I started to think that almost everyone is carrying some form of sexual trauma with them that influences every single sexual encounter with themselves or others. I also noticed much later it always has effects on me and repercussions I might feel for months and years. Maybe this is one of my original motivations to get into this kind of work.

All of this helps me find and heal more and more levels and layers of my own trauma, wounds, fuckups, pains and limitations to unlock more joy, pleasure, peace and presence.And all of these tools, life experiences and my way of life flows into my work or time with you.

Armour Lifting Bodywork

Often, emotional or physical injuries are encapsulated within the body so that we do not to have to continue feeling them.This can be an abrupt or gradual process.The underlying issues are separated from normal feeling and energy flow and become noticeable through tension in the muscles and surrounding connective tissue with pain or, in the further course, through complete non-feeling.Armour lifting works through a special massage technique that, accompanied by the breath, allows these areas to be felt again. The improvement of the energy flow and the reconnection leads to the dissolution and transformation of the blockages.The first sessions are usually focused on the heart, belly, external pelvic floor and legs.
Alternatively we give emphasis to the head and jaw.
Further sessions can include the entirety of the body and transition to the genitals and anus, where deep-seated trauma, pain or non-feeling often resides.

FrequencyAlthough stunning results are often seen during a single Armour Lifting session, it is a process that develops over several sessions. I recommend 3-5 sessions. I would not recommend more than 5-10 sessions, as habit and routine would start to reduce the impact of the sessions.There should be at least a 2 day break between sessions, ideally one week.In urgent cases we can discuss a more dense and intense program.

RatesA full Armour Lifting Body sessions costs 200 Euro and requires about 2 hours.Sessions including yoni, lingam or anus cost 300 Euro and require about 3 hours.Extending the session with coaching, light bodywork or aftercare cost 80 Euro per hour.

The Sexual Healing Session

I want to try something new, I am tired of following systems, trying to know everything and do everything right.I wish to liberate myself from the entire world telling me what to do, what to feel, what to think, what is right and what is wrong. I only wish to know what is right for me.

In this session I want you to find out what is right for you! What feels good for you, what needs attention, healing or transformation.We will open a safe sexual space for you.Throughout I will serve you, witness you and support you while I communicate, maintain and honour my own boundaries.You may explore your boundaries, find new ones, test my and your own boundaries.You do not need to meet anyone’s expectations, not even your own.You can find out and ask for things that you want and allow yourself to receive it.You can learn more about yourself and experiment.You can ask for pleasure, pain, nurturing touch, being held, being seen, being controlled, taking control.You can allow yourself to ask for anything you do not receive enough and see if I can fulfill any of these wishes.You can ask to try things that you never dared to try with anyone, to receive and to give.I ask you to dare, I ask you to test yourself and expand.I ask you to only listen to your own body, your needs and your desires.I want to serve you in getting exactly what you need out of a session, while staying within all agreed upon boundaries or renegotiating them.

Nudity, sexual touch or penetration of any kind of any individual is possible but optional.
Toys or ropes may be part of the session.

RatesThis session is highly individual and therefore of variable length. Anything from 2 to 3 hours or more is possible.Rates are also very dependent on your individual wishes. Expect a range from 80 to 250 Euro per hour.

Tantric Pleasure Journey

Let’s embark on a tantric, sensual and sexual journey together.

This journey is about you. Our time and experience is based on and tailored to your wishes and desires.I offer you a mindful, intimate, pleasurable and loving time during which you may receive only or during which we may also travel together. You may also just give.You may also experience a classical Tantra Massage if you want to ease into an individual tailored session first and find our what your desires are.How do you want to experience sensuality and intimacy?

Nudity, sexual touch or penetration is expected, but not required.
Toys or ropes may be part of the session.

RatesMinimum time for a session is 2 hours.If you wish to receive only 2 hours cost 300 Euro.For known clients*:Traveling together with mutual touch costs 400 Euro for 2 hours.Traveling together with sexual intent costs 600 Euro for 3 hours.

* Either we had a session before or we get to know each other by video call or otherwise beforehand.

My Rulebook

General Rules

All session times include arrival and time for a conversation, where we talk about the process, your intentions, your expectations and boundaries.After the session there will be time to reflect and to arrive safely back in the ‘here and now’.All sessions may be extended if you wish and if I have the capacity to continue holding space for you.All sessions can be finished early by you and me past the first hour if we both agree that we are not a good fit.I may deny a session if you show up to a session visibly sick or with an active infection of any kind you did not disclose.

Potential travel expenses are covered by you. I travel frugally if possible.Potential accommodation expenses are covered by you.
For sessions that are desired to be 3 hours or longer I expect a deposit before our session to show your commitment.
I expect to be paid for the agreed upon time before our session starts.An extension of the session is only possible if you brought enough cash or have another means of instant payment at the next opportunity during or at the end of the session.You can pay me in cash, paypal and bitcoin. If you pay in advance bank transfer is an option. You can let me know of other payment options you deem better.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
If we agree to finish our session early I will refund you the money for the remaining time.Sessions may be cancelled 24 hours before they start or before I would start traveling.I will not refund your deposit if you do not show up or if you don’t cancel the session in time.I will not refund your deposit if you show up sick and I deny the session.If you get sick before the session and provide proof we may move the session to another date or I can refund you if there is no alternative date for you.If I get sick before the session or am otherwise unable to hold space for you we may move the session to another date or I can refund you if there is no alternative date for you.

Overnight and multiple day sessions
I need and insist on 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.I insist on regular breaks. (food, drink, stretching, meditation, walks, naps, checking in with each other, integration)

Session Specific Rules

Armour Lifting Bodywork
This is a strictly one way touch session from me to you.I remain clothed the entire time.You will be partly or fully nude depending on the type of session and will be covered by light fabrics. Parts of the body will be revealed while we work with them and covered again when done.There will be no touch with the explicit intent of sexual arousal during the session. Due to the nature of the session arousal may occur though and is as welcome as any other feeling and emotion.Coconut oil, almond oil or lube will be used during the session.Barriers ( vinyl gloves ) will always be used for anal armour lifting and in certain cases for yoni or lingam armour lifting.Let me know if you have known allergies to certain barriers, oils or lubes.

Sexual Healing Session
The intention of this session may be healing, being supported, being witnessed, extending boundaries, facing fears, overcoming trauma, learning tools, transforming or similar.You are buying time with me instead of individual services.This means:• We will only do what we both consent to.• My lingam does not listen to commands.• Sexual intercourse is not guaranteed even if it is a desired part of the healing session.• I do not do things I deem unsafe or am uncomfortable with.Nudity, sexual touch or penetration of any kind of any individual is possible but optional.Toys or ropes may be part of the session.Coconut oil, almond oil or lube may be used during the session.Barriers will be used for all potential genital to genital, genital to oral interactions and all anal interactions.Let me know if you have known allergies to certain barriers, oils or lubes.

Tantric Pleasure Journey
The intention of this session may be letting go, releasing, relaxing, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, opening up or similar.You are buying time with me instead of individual services.This means:• We will only do what we both consent to.• My lingam does not listen to commands.• When traveling together there is no guarantee for sexual intercourse.• I do not do things I deem unsafe or am uncomfortable with.Nudity, sexual touch or penetration is expected but not required.Toys or ropes may be part of the session.Coconut oil, almond oil or lube may be used during the session.Barriers will be used for all potential genital to genital, genital to oral interactions and all anal interactions.Let me know if you have known allergies to certain barriers, oils or lubes.